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Pinch-hit Batch #2

These pinch-hits will be due October 3, 11:59 PM EDT. Please comment here or email us at with your AO3 username to claim a pinch-hit. Comments are screened.

Request 1 by etoilecourageuse
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Narcissa Black Malfoy, Andromeda Black Tonks, Druella Rosier Black, Cygnus Black III, Abandonment, Abuse, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Character Death, Chronic Pain, Depression, Emotional Hurt, Enduring Pain to Protect Another, Grief/Mourning, Guilt, Haunting, Insanity, Loss of Control, Major Character Injury, Major Illness, Mental Breakdown, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Rape Aftermath, Self-Harm, Self-Sacrifice

Request 2 by etoilecourageuse
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Catelyn Tully Stark (ASOIAF), Ned Stark (ASoIaF), Lady Stoneheart (ASoIaF), Abandonment, Anxiety, Bad Ending, Character Death, Chronic Pain, Despair, Emotional Hurt, Enduring Pain to Protect Another, Grief/Mourning, Guilt, Insanity, Loss of Control, Medical Trauma, Mental Breakdown, Mercy Killing, Poison, Psychological Torture, Rape and Recovery, Recovery Process after Torture, Self-Sacrifice

Request 3 by etoilecourageuse
Addams Family (TV 1964)
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Morticia Addams (TV 1964), Gomez Addams (TV 1964), 24 Hours Left To Live, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Anorexia, Character Death, Character Is Dead And Doesn't Know It, Chronic Pain, Emotional Hurt, Enduring Pain to Protect Another, Grief/Mourning, Haunting, Insanity, Major Character Injury, Major Illness, Medical Trauma, Permanent Injury, Poison, loss of senses, Nightmares, Depression, Despair

Request 4 by etoilecourageuse
Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Mameha (Memoirs of a Geisha), Hatsumomo (Memoirs of a Geisha), Abandonment, Abuse, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Anorexia, Anxiety, Character Death, Depression, Despair, Emotional Hurt, Emotional Manipulation, Insanity, Loneliness, Loss of Control, Major Illness, Mental Breakdown, Obsession, Rape, Self-Harm, Self-Hatred, Suicide

Request 5 by etoilecourageuse
Cracks (2009)
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Miss "G" Gribben, Di Radfield, Abandonment, Abuse, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Anxiety, Blackmail, Character Death, Depression, Despair, Drug Addiction, Emotional Hurt, Emotional Manipulation, Haunting, Jealousy, Loneliness, Loss of Control, Mental Health Issues, Obsession, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Psychological Trauma, Self-Harm

Request 1 by heeroluva
Dragon Age (Video Games)
Medium - Fic, group: Solas & Male Forgotten One, group: Solas & Male Monster, Tentacles, Tentacle Rape, Oviposition, Monster Rape, Rape, Dubious Consent, noncon/dubcon xeno, Come Inflation, Cock Stuffing, Animal Instincts, Body Horror, Fuck Or Die, Mindfuck, Dream Invasion, Mind Control, Magical Personality Alteration, Blood Magic, Blood Kink, Magic Made Them Do It

• Not gonna lie. Kind of what someone who’s powerful enough to take Solas down a peg or two. Maybe the Forgotten Ones can slip through the cracks and into the Fade on occasion and one stumbles across Solas. (Thought: what if the Forgotten Ones weren’t necessarily evil, but they were the gods that just didn’t hide what they were like the Evanuris did? Like there is a “god” of the dead, the desperate, the forsaken, the forgotten, when really he takes care of those who come to him, though they were willing to [and did] die for him. Maybe Solas’ desperation reaches him even in the Abyss?)
• Or it could be something darker where the Forgotten one is truly a monster. Maybe Solas is forced to make a deal and/or have sex with one to save the others. Magic gone wrong (right!?). The Nightmare demon fight taking a different turn.
• Body horror - Basically any sort of body transformation situation (someone's changed into an animal/monster, stomach bulging from tentacles/cum/eggs, etc.) so long as it's not deadly (so dragon-hybrid Solas would be fine, but no Red Templar Cullen for example).
• GIANT WOLF SOLAS? Solas with wolf characteristics (claws, fangs, growling, knotting, etc).

Red Lyrium kind of freaks me out, so I'd prefer nothing focusing on that please.

Request 2 by heeroluva
Original Work
Medium - Fic, group: Trickster God & Reincarnated God of Death, Ritual Sex, Ritual Public Sex, Magical Personality Alteration, Blood Drinking, Blood Magic, Blood Kink, Fuck Or Die, Gods controlling men

When I nominated this, I had a vague idea of the god of death having to die because of something the trickster god did in a world where the death of a god is pretty much permanent, and the trickster god then does some crazy shit to get the god of death back. Feel free to go with that or not. Elven gods or gods that aren’t 100% human shaped (or human) are welcome. Godlike beings and not actually gods are cool too. Tentacles and such are great, though not required. :)

Dark is obviously great here, but I’d prefer the relationship here be relatively consensual.

Random thought: maybe the God of Death is considered an evil god because obviously the death part but he also takes in the desperate, the forsaken, the forgotten. He takes care of those who come to him unlike many of the shining/golden gods who see their followers as playthings or worse. (That doesn’t mean that his followers won’t/don’t die for him… maybe a large willing blood sacrifice of his followers is needed to bring him back from the dead?)

Request 3 by heeroluva
Hockey RPF
Medium - Fic, Jaromir Jagr (Hockey RPF), Body Horror, Oviposition, Come Inflation, Tentacles, Tentacle Rape, Cock Stuffing, Forced Orgasm, Gang Rape, Hate Sex, Gods controlling men, Power Imbalance, Sexual Dysfunction, Succubi & Incubi, Public Use, Internalized Homophobia, Drugged Sex, Grooming, Person Thinks They Can't Say No To Sex

I'm cool with Jagr/anyone here be it an actual player(s) or OC(s).

Any sort of tentacle situation is cool be it something where one or both guys have tentacles or one or both guys has an encounter with a tentacle creature. Any level of consent is welcome here, but I want the guys to get off on it even if it's forced. Body horror is welcome especially if there's stomach bulging going on from the size of tentacles and/or come inflation/eggs. [Deep] Urethral penetration is also very welcome.

Hockey Gods!

Hate Sex - Sex where the characters are rivals and don’t really like each other. Yes, please. Want to include messy emotions complicating what was supposed to be simple? Also great with that.

Power Imbalance - I'm all here for Jagr/someone younger.

Jagr's lasted so long because he's an incubus who feeds from his teammates.

Jagr sets up gangbangs/hookups for his rookie(s), maybe even pimps them out (mostly consensual here please).

Sexual Dysfunction - Dealing with ED/impotence with no easy fix (or no fix even). Soft cock kink. Coming to orgasm without getting hard.

Closeted veteran and an adoring but straight rookie. The rookie is super affectionate and very open about his admiration, teammates love making jokes about puppy love, the veteran knows it's just hero worship but finds it hard not to enjoy the attention and develop a crush. Maybe even acts on wishful thinking, leading to painful awkwardness (maybe something happens when they're drunk and the rookie super freaks in the morning?). Alternatively I would be interested in something where the player is very closeted or even a gay for you situation rather than straight. A fucked up relationship is most welcome here, especially with Jagr slowly grooming the rookie.

Jagr has a somewhat deserved reputation of being a love em and leave em type. What if he found someone who he didn't want to leave?

Request 4 by heeroluva
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Medium - Fic, group: Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes, Bestiality, Body Horror, Drugged Sex, Fuck Or Die, Forced to Watch Rape, Forced to Commit Rape, Non-Consensual Body Modification, Dehumanization, Person Thinks They Can't Say No To Sex, Arousal From Killing, Loss of Control, Gang Rape, Rape and Recovery, Rape, Blood and Violence, Blood Kink, Come Inflation, Genital Mutilation, Sexual Dysfunction, Codependency

Here my likes are basically “I want to see Steve and/or Bucky hurt” or “write all the kinky sex” and/or “hurt them and make them better” (for various levels of “better”). Any level of consent is welcome especially dubious (because Bucky thinks he can’t say no, because Steve thinks he’s helping Bucky, etc.). Straight up hurt is fine, but at least an ambiguous/hopeful ending is appreciated. I don’t mind dark/fucked up/hurting each other/trying to do the best for each other but totally failing at it here as long as there is some comfort/trying to fix it after. I’m cool with them doing real damage to each other, especially if they think that they deserve it (re the internalized victim blaming above).

HYDRA trash party-esque stuff if welcome, though not required. I like when Steve and/or Bucky are forced to enjoy their rape.

My preference for these are with Winter Solider!Bucky be it pre or post movie the Winter Solider/Civil War.

I'd prefer Steve not to be a technophobe or horrible with technology.

I'd strongly prefer Bucky to not be childlike. If the restoration of his memories is a part of the story, I'd prefer it wasn't a fast or easy process, and that he not actually remember everything. Post-Winter Solider Bucky won’t ever be the same man he was before he fell.

I don’t really have a top/bottom preference for these two. I really like switching, so that would be cool, though not required.

Any sort of sexual dysfunction is welcome be it with Steve or Bucky.

I really love Bucky’s metal arm and the scaring. (Hi, yes, I love fisting, even [especially] if it pushes the limitations of the human body. And well Steve and Bucky are pretty resilient… ) So any sort of focus on that is cool.

Basically most of these first bunch of tags are my “I want to see Steve and/or Bucky hurt” prompt. If Steve is being raped by Bucky or vice versa I’d rather the reasoning was because of an outside factor (X Made them do it, Bucky’s programing, a fuck or die situation, etc.). Basically I just want it to hurt (them and me lol). Recovery/rescue is welcome, but not required. Most of the kinks in the other section are welcome here too. I especially like when people are forced to enjoy their rape.

Re: Genital Mutilation, I’d prefer to see the aftermath rather than have graphic description of it.

Steve’s willing to take whatever part of Bucky he can get

Arousal from Killing - (Contains Orgasm Control/Edging, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Blood Kink) Bucky was only allowed to orgasm after a successive mission that involved killing. Maybe prostate massage/milking is involved?

Sexual Dysfunction - Dealing with ED/impotence with no easy fix (or no fix even). Soft cock kink. Coming to orgasm without getting hard.

Watersports – I love the peeing on/in someone kind. Inflation is great. I like the humiliation and/or intimacy factor of someone needing someone to hold their dick so they can pee. Pee desperation really only interests me if it’s done at the instruction of someone else and they make the person drink a lot/press on their stomach until they pee themselves and the pee is part of the arousal (like no peeing themselves but cleaning up without pee tasting/drinking/whatever). Actually combining a few of those things, maybe Bucky was always catheterized when he wasn’t out on a mission and now as Steve’s “asset” or whatever, Bucky’s body needs to be retrained. I can see this starting as relatively non-sexual, but becoming increasingly move so. Shame in sexual desires is awesome.

Request 5 by heeroluva
Original Work
Medium - Fic, Group: Symbiotic Shapeshifting Alien Lifeform & Male Soldier, group: Male With Sexually-Transmitted Monsterism & Male, group: Male Human & Tentacle Monster, Living Clothing, Creature Inside, Forced Body Cohabitation, Tentacles, Tentacle Rape, Body Horror, Eldritch Abomination, Oviposition, Stomach Bulge, Come Inflation, Inflation, noncon/dubcon xeno, Cock Stuffing, Cock & Ball Torture, Forced Orgasm

I'm going to be perfectly honest here. For my first three pairings, I'd really love to see some sort of tentacle fun (or possibly not so fun).

Xeno is very welcome.

Symbiotic Shapeshifting Alien Lifeform/Male Soldier
• Before they could move forward with his military training, a cadet must successfully bond with the shapeshifting alien lifeform that will act as their armor, and be their constant companion for the rest of their life. They're not quite prepared for how intimate the process turns out to be, and how much their new companion enjoys teasing him at the worst possible times.

Male With Sexually-Transmitted Monsterism/Male
• A monster-inside type of things with tentacles and possibly egg laying.

Basically a tentacle sex scenario (consensual or not... can include body horror), with large insertions, stomach deformation, cum inflation and/or egg inflation, also extreme urethral sounding going into the testicles and/or bladder, possibly with lactation, and then having to lay the eggs. Maybe the other partner IS the one with tentacles, or maybe they're just forced to watch (comfort after?), or maybe they're experiencing the same thing alongside them.

Request 6 by heeroluva
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Medium - Fic, group: Brock Rumlow & Bucky Barnes, Fuck Or Die, Blood and Violence, Blood Kink, Brainwashing, Breathplay, Cock Stuffing, Dehumanization, Bestiality, Gang Rape, Enduring Pain to Protect Another, Medical Experimentation, Mindwiping, Torture, Recovery Process after Torture, sex as reward, Unhealthy Relationships, Forced Orgasm, Mission Failure

HYDRA trash party-esque stuff if welcome, though not required. I like it when people are forced to enjoy their rape.

My preference for these are with Winter Solider!Bucky be it pre or post movie the Winter Solider/Civil War.

I'd strongly prefer Bucky to not be childlike. If the restoration of his memories is a part of the story, I'd prefer it wasn't a fast or easy process, and that he not actually remember everything. Post-Winter Solider Bucky won’t ever be the same man he was before he fell.

Total asshole Brock is fine as is a Brock with complicated motives/loyalties. Brainwashed Brock is always interesting.

I have a bit of a soft spot for a Brock who's in love with a Winter Soldier who never remembers him.

If you want to go a slightly less trashy route with say Bucky/Brock maybe something with Brock planted by Fury to get close to Pierce, unexpectedly getting close to Bucky between wipes, hating it all, hating how much he gets off on what he does, but it's too soon to make a move. I'd like to see Brock, not necessarily as a good character, but a character who does the stuff that other people can't/won't do often at great cost to himself.

Maybe the Winter Soldier is given a young Brock as a reward. Or vise versa.

What if Steve wasn't the Winter Soldier's first failed mission? What happened to him after?

Request 7 by heeroluva
Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types
Medium - Fic, group: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia & Original Male Character, group: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia & Male Monster, Bad Ending, Bestiality, Breeding, Body Horror, Cock Stuffing, Come Inflation, Creature Inside, Fuck Or Die, Gang Rape, Monster Rape, Rape, Tentacle Rape, Tentacles, Oviposition, Public Use, Ritual Sex, Ritual Public Sex, Scars, Stomach Bulge, Used as Incubator

Honestly I just want to see Geralt being fucked. It can be by monster or original characters (or really even any male characters from the game) and can be consensual or not.

I'm good with a bad end, but would rather it be something like "Geralt being the incubator for generations of monsters and loving it" rather that "Geralt dies a gruesome death".

I just love the thought of him who's always in control, always coming out on top, finding himself suddenly powerless and no longer being on top. ;) I'd love to see him find something he can't handle, and I'd love to see him getting off on it.

I really love scars, and Geralt has a lot, so any sort of focus or attention to those would be wonderful.

Request 8 by heeroluva
crossover fandoms
Medium - Fic, group: Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) & Male Inquisitor (Dragon Age), Slavery, Torture, Recovery Process after Torture, Scars, Fuck Or Die, Animal Instincts

I'd love to see something where Garrus somehow ends up on Thedas (dark energy somehow creating a rip in spacetime, falling through one of the rifts, stumbling across an eluvian, etc.). Most of his tech wouldn't work, and if some did work, it would probably be nearly impossible to fix if something happened to it. Also given his shape, finding armor would be very difficult and he’d likely have to cobble something together. Then there would also be the reaction of the natives. Would they think he was a demon or worse? There's also the added complication that it's highly unlikely his translator would recognize the spoken language, and even if it did, the people around him wouldn't be able to understand him.

Lavellan Inquisitor is my go to, but I'd also be especially interested in Cadash (but really any Inquisitor is game!)

I’m open to something darker here: Garrus found/taken by slavers, Garrus experimented on, basically Garrus put through hell and possibly rescued by the Inquisition or the Chargers or even Dorian when he heads south? (Maybe one of them ends up in a slave cage with Garrus and it comes a prison sex/fuck or die/something made them do it situation?)

Would love to see some sort of alien genitalia on Garrus, knotted or otherwise.

Language/voice kink - Garrus has a really interesting dual tone voice. Someone kinking on that and/or him speaking to them in his own language would be great.

Request 9 by heeroluva
Medium - Fic, Aburame Shino, group: Aburame Shino & Original Male Character(s), group: Aburame Shino & Nara Shikamaru, Body Horror, Bugs & Insects, Drugged Sex, Power Imbalance, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Fuck Or Die, Soulmates Gone Wrong

Really just give me Shino and his bugs having an orgasm with another person and I’ll love you forever.

Shino has been a long time favorite of mine, and I’ve always found his bugs really fascinating. I love seeing him calm and collected, but I also would love seeing him pushed to the breaking point (or pushing someone to the breaking point, while he’s calm and collected lol).

For consensual stuff I default towards Shino/Shikamaru or Shino/Kiba, but honestly I’m good with anyone. Threesomes/moresomes welcome. For less than consensual stuff, I’m also good with anyone. I really like unwelcome arousal, people being forced to like the sex they don’t want as well as shame in what they do like.

Body Horror - The bugs live inside Shino right? They have to be able to get in/out, so I’m sure some people would find that horrifying. Then there can be the response of people to having the bugs in/on them?
Bugs & Insects - Well, this one is kind of a given consider that Shino has a symbiotics relationship with bugs that live in his body. I’d love to see descriptions of different types or what they do/are used for/can do for Shino/can do to someone else in sexy ways. Really the sky is the limit.
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen - The bugs encounter new flowers (or flowers that are made purposely to cause this reaction), and when they return to Shino’s body, a sex pollen scenario ensues.
Power Imbalance - Any type of interrogation scene where Shino uses his bugs.
Mating Cycles/In Heat - Being host to thousands of bugs isn’t always convenient.
Fuck Or Die - Teammates forced to have sex.
Soulmates Gone Wrong (Accidental Soul Bonding) - Shino sharing his bugs with a teammate has an unexpected outcome, maybe someone who can't accept him?