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Request 1 by Leidolette
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Phasma (TFA), Hux (TFA), Contamination, Insanity, Aliens, Body Horror

Phasma and Hux in a space horror flick!

Maybe something in the same vein as Alien or Pandorum. So many of the Empire's/New Order's ships are huge and provide a lot of opportunity for cat-and-mouse chases with horrible creatures, or entire levels could become battlefields with murderous, infected crew. Or it could be an entire alien planet that's the antagonist -- like someplace crawling with life that's just force-sensitive enough to cause minor (but horrible) hallucinations in the New Order troops sent down.

Or maybe, by chance, Phasma's armor is protecting her from the malevolent effects of some new weapon, and Hux is okay because he's a rich coward who's always prepared so of course he has some expensive device to protect himself. But Phasma's armor shielding is imperfect, and she's slowly becoming infected/transforming/losing her mind while trying to escape with Hux.

I would be into Phasma/Hux as a romantic or sexual pairing, or Phasma & Hux as a platonic friendship or uneasy partnership. However you want to play it, my preferred dynamic would be Phasma protecting Hux and doing most of the heavy lifting violence-wise. Hux would mostly keep his hands clean, but he'd be wily and take sneaky cheap shots if the situation warranted it.

Request 2 by Leidolette
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Elizabeth Bennet (P&P book), Fitzwilliam Darcy (P&P book), Jane Bennet (P&P book), Witchcraft, Haunting, Curses

We've already got Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, how about Pride and Prejudice and Witches?

This prompt is for a story in which the Bennett sisters (and whoever else you want) are witches. I'm not sure what they're doing with their magic, but it's probably isn't completely evil (though probably not 100% good either).

Maybe the beautiful grounds of Pemberly hide some sinister and ancient curse. Perhaps there are real and literal "shades of Pemberly" that Elizabeth (and possibly Jane or Darcy?) must defeat. Or it could just be a more dangerous world in general, where the Bennets must work together to defend against the beasts that emerge from the woods at night -- without strangling each other over petty squabbles first. Or a setting where Elizabeth occasionally encounters things on her walks.

This one doesn't really have to be completely dark, but I would love it if the magic itself was amoral and strange. So even the 'good' spells involve blood and gross animal parts or manifest in unsettling ways.

Darcy/Elizabeth, Jane/Bingley, or gen are all fine.

Request 3 by Leidolette
Superman: The Animated Series
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Clark Kent (S: TAS), Lois Lane (S:TAS), Animal Instincts, Aliens

It's often hard to remember that Superman is an alien, because he looks and acts so human. Besides the superpowers, he doesn't seem otherworldly in the least.

But what if didn't act so human after all?

I would love to have the unsettling, alien side of Clark Kent/Superman explored. Maybe as he ages strange, long-buried instincts burst forth, or maybe an event triggers a dormant metamorphosis that was part of his Kryptonian DNA, or maybe Clark just does something that reveals to his friends that his thoughts and intentions were unknowable and alien the entire time.

And feel free to be very loose the show continuity of events. As long as you stick with the bare-bones outline of the Superman mythology, I'll be happy.

Request 4 by Leidolette
Gravity Falls
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Dipper Pines, Grunkle Stan | Stanley "Stanford" Pines, Mabel Pines, Imposter, Betrayal, Any Category

I LOVE this show, and am already so into both the characters and the moments of creepiness that pop up in the show. But I would be so excited to read a story that really kicks the level of spookiness up a notch.

I think the ideas in this comic here (, or this one here (, are incredibly creepy and great to explore, but I'm definitely open to any horrifying Gravity Falls stories that may cross your mind. The most important thing to me, is that there is a strong Gravity Falls-esque atmosphere and sense of place.

Feel free to include any characters you want!

Request 5 by Leidolette
Wolf 359 (Radio)
Medium - Art, Medium - Fic, Renée Minkowski, Doug Eiffel, Aliens, Isolation, Stranded

So many horrifying possibilities in this fandom!

Some ideas:

-You can go full space madness. The isolation, stress, injuries, and paranoia have taken their toll on Eiffel, and he is not handling it well. Rather violently, as a matter of fact.

-The Dear Listeners aren't benevolent. Whatever is on the other side of the star, it doesn't have the crew's best interest in mind. And, maybe, the Listeners are about to come through.

-Eiffel is truly, actually a really horrible man. He really did kidnap that kid, with no mitigating circumstances, and his true colors are finally showing.

-The Hephaestus is huge, and still holds so many secrets. Minkowski and Eiffel stumble upon something new in the recesses of the space station that makes their lives even more terrifying than they were before.

-Or anything you want!


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