Jul. 14th, 2016

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We are not accepting any group nominations with /. All must be done with &. Nominations with a / will be rejected.

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This space will update as new issues and questions arise.

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 Some participants have brought up concerns with the current creating period; they'd like it to be a little longer. As a reminder, the current schedule is this:

Nominations open: 10 July
Nominations close: 24 July
Sign-ups open: 29 July
Sign-ups close: 12 August
Works due: 19 September
Works revealed: 23 September
Creators revealed: 30 September

We'd like your input on possible schedule changes.

OPTION A: Nominations close 20 July, sign-ups open 24 July, sign-ups close 3 August, assignments go out within two days (depending on matching), works due 19 September. That gives around 6 weeks to write and/or draw.

OPTION B: Nominations and sign-ups remain the same, but works are due on 30 September. Again, that gives about 6 weeks to create your work.

OPTION C: Leave it as is.

OPTION D: I have a better idea!

Please comment and let us know! Anon commenting is now on; thanks to the person who brought that up.


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